Get Your Company Noticed

Make your business have a lasting impact.

At WaterMill we want to help you get your brand noticed across an array of different platforms, from online to print. This is why we offer a range of services to improve your businesses presence.

Logo Design

At the centre of every successful brand is an iconic logo.

We aim to design company logo's that are not only instantly recognisable but also future-proof, this ensures your business will always stay relevant. Your logo design will totally encapsulate your brand, we analyse every detail of your business and bring these ideas together in harmony - creating a simplistic timeless logo.

Brand Identity

Round off your brand with a set of guidelines.

Alongside an excellent logo, a brand also needs to seem consistent across different medias. From colors to typography everything needs to be the same, this is why we create a brand guidline to help you keep on top of your brand identity.


Getting the right shot counts.

At WaterMill we don't underestimate the importance of high quality, relevant images on a website. Although almost everyone has a camera in their pocket today, nothing can represent your business better than a set of professionally shot photos.


Professionally written content for your business.

Creating high quality written content can often be difficult, this is why we offer a copyrighting service. Our experienced copyrighters can help you to improve your written content to capture the attention of your visitors.