Over 50% of small businesses fail within 5 years. These businesses fail for all different reasons, but if your website does not meet your end goals, convert sales, you can be sure, yours will fail as well.

David ODey

When deciding on a new website for your company it’s far too easy to go for a template design site which delivers the same generic layout to every ‘Jim’s chippy’ down the road who needs one. We at WaterMill Digital can offer you a bespoke website that will help generate sales, increase your domains’ SEO, and increase page views and audience attention.

When scanning the internet an unattractive site discourages us spending our time there, a minute max.  The average time spent on a site is ten seconds, therefore we have ten seconds to instantly attract the interest of a potential customer.  WaterMill makes it name by producing unique sites which show your company at its best.

These impersonal template design websites also result in your site having a lengthy loading time, and having viewers wait longer for your site to load will discourage their perusal. At WaterMill we use HTML based sites that are much preferred by Google and has the added benefit of loading faster, ensuring customers are more drawn to our websites and keen to keep browsing them.   

In terms of website security it is known that certain template design sites do not allow use of Google Webmasters which is key in keeping your site safe from hackers and other internet threats. Particularly in more recent times internet hacking has become an increased risk and WaterMill Digital follows regulations which help to protect our websites and keep them secure with Google.